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Der Wandel des Interventionsstaates
This contribution analyzes the transformation of statehood in five different policy fields: in accounting, education, health and labor market policy as well as in the overall framework of welfare measures. Analyzing and comparing different fields of action of the intervention state demonstrates the ongoing high importance of the national policy level. There are only few indications for a systematic withdrawal of the state. For example, health benefits as well as other social welfare benefits are still – more or less generously –financed and provided by the state. The analysis of accounting as well as of health and social policy demonstrate, however, that the ‘corridor’ for state intervention is narrowing. The scope of possible solutions, such as the strengthening of competition within health systems or the broadening of cooperation within accounting, seems to be greatly predetermined. At the same time, a trend towards internationalization can be identified in education policy, while the analysis of labor market reforms demonstrates a shifting of tasks and responsibilities towards decentralized politics. In the future, these processes may present a much greater challenge than the shifting between state, market and society.
No. 050/2007
Claus Wendt
Irene Dingeldey
Kerstin Martens
Peter Starke
Jochen Zimmermann

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